Pina Colada Cake

Gluten free baking is usually quite tricky. No matter how hard you try its rare that you get that wonderful, gutenous texture in a cake. That being said, this is a gluten free cake. But believe me, the yummy rumminess is more than adequate compensation. This cake was the perfect addition to a warm summer evening. It just screams summer holiday!


Why’s the rum gone?

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Spa Night

Dear Reader,

Self-care was one of those things I never really prioritized until I desperately needed it. It wasn’t until after Wyatt was born that I really started to make the effort to take care of myself. I think that women by nature give so much. We are often so busy caring for others needs that we suppress our own. Additionally, we are always thinking about what needs to be done or improved upon. I know for myself I am just as concerned with my family’s emotional needs as I am with their physical needs. I do this habitually, and I will keep obsessing over them until I reach a point of mental and physical exhaustion . It’s a difficult pattern to break- but as I soon learned, if I did not break the cycle of giving to the point of depletion, than the cycle would eventually break me.


Ambiance is EVERYTHING.

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Good Gluten Free Bread(No Really)

I don’t know how many horrible gluten free bread recipes my husband had to suffer through before I found a good one but he certainly deserves compensation. Since I began my gluten free life change five years ago I have searched high and low for a rustic loaf of bread that tastes and feels like the traditional bread I used to know and love, and by Jove I think I’ve got it! I am pleased to introduce The Chelsea Loaf!


The most requested baked good that I make!

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