Green my Skincare


For years I suffered from sensitive skin. I tried what seemed like everything over the counter, and several you-can-only-buy-this-from-a-friend-at-a-so-called-party-in-her-livingroom products.  Nothing made any significant improvement for my redness and acne-prone skin until about 4 years ago when I started embracing a more Minimalistic/Simple life. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about improving my skin. I was trying to live a greener existence, and making my own face wash seemed like one way to achieve that more eco-conscious and economically responsible lifestyle. After three weeks my acne healed, and my skin had a supple, healthy glow, and the redness decreased. That wasn’t even the best part; not only did I enjoy making my own solutions for creative reasons, but I loved knowing exactly what the ingredients where. I now have more control over my skin in general.

The recipe is simple and customizable. I did my research and tried a few different solutions until I found one that I like and that works best for my skin. The ingredients are simple and can be found almost anywhere. I found the charming Mason Jar pump bottle at Bed Bath & Beyond. All the other items I found at  and Trader Joe’s.

Simple/Natural Face Wash

1 part castile soap to 1 part filtered water

2 tbsp vegetable glycerine

2 tbsp argon, jojoba, or olive oil

10 drops tea tree oil

10-20 drops essential oil of choice

Mix and enjoy! Because castile soap can be drying I always moisturize with oil after washing. I use jojoba oil during the day and argon oil at night.



As a gentle exfoliation technique add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in your had along with your face wash.




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