Meet the Allreds


Dear Reader,

What do I want to tell you about my family? What is it that I really want you to know about us? In this day and age getting to know someone – truly know them, is no easy task. Especially through social media, the opportunity to become acquainted with someone’s authentic, flawed self is near to impossible. Just like in these photographs, we spend time obsessing about image. I went shopping for matching outfits the weekend before. I wore more makeup than Kim Kardashian did at the Met Gala. I brought lollipops to keep the kids happy, (which thanks to our amazing photographer were photo-shopped out) just to give the impression that they were calm and happy for the entire hour and a half that we stood in the sun and posed.

These are beautiful photos. I will always enjoy them, but not just because of the aesthetic, but because of the memories I have from that day. But this not us…


I felt fat that day, but my hair looked killer. You can’t see my insecurity but I can. This is a fantastic photo. But it’s not us, or at least its only part of us.Β 


Okay this is a little more us. Jake is a licker.

I recently had a conversation with a friend from church about meaningful conversations. How we have a desire to go deeper, past the surface stuff into what makes us individual. We asked each other probing questions and enjoyed each other’s candidness and authenticity. I want my conversations to be more intentional. I want to be honest and open.We go through life skimming off the top of our human interactions, and revealing only fragments of ourselves to others. When moments of depth come along I want to take hold of them. Make moments into lasting memories, and embrace the realness of my humanity.


Dakota and Wyatt are just about done with the smiles.


I hope you enjoyed your first introduction into our little family. I enjoy the thought of revealing more of us in the future. For now, its been a pleasure.



6 thoughts on “Meet the Allreds

      1. You are very brave to share so much … what I write is real from my heart but I’m not sure people really want or need to know a lot about me …


  1. I love these photos of you all! And I love your candid spirit Chelsea! So glad I found this and youπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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