Simple. Pretty.

I am a makeup girl. I have been for what feels like my whole life. I remember experimenting with leftover makeup from my mother’s bag of tricks. I was a pageant baby and makeup was part of the gig so I learned how to master the skill early on.

As I have gotten older I have always assumed I would keep up with the daily routine of putting on a full face. As a teenager, it appeared to me that that was exactly what adult women did…if they cared about how they looked. But as with almost everything else in life, I have discovered that as a teenager I knew nothing.


Life has taught me a thing or two. I still enjoy getting all glammed up for a night out, but I have learned a lot about myself, and one of those things is that I find myself much more beautiful now than I did at sixteen. After eleven years of marriage to the same man, and two children in the mix I feel I have settled into a place of contentment. And don’t you get snarky! I have not let myself go. I’ve simply learned to prioritize, and more importantly, have a much more forgiving perspective of myself. Much more embracing of my flaws, and much more free in celebrating my assets.


Above is my daily beauty routine. I wake up, take my French shower (more on that later), start chugging water, and apply my look. The key is always moisture. Oil is amazing. It’s healing, soothing, and comforting. After I wash and pat dry I apply jojoba or argan oil to my face and neck (a little bit goes a long way0. I follow that with W3ll People Bio Tint multi-action moisturizer in light. I use their Narcissist Foundation Stick in fair golden over my nose and anywhere else where I might see redness. The Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick (Nude Peach) is easy to use and versatile. I blend some into my cheeks, eyelids, and lips using my fingertips. Lastly, apply the Expressionist Mascara in Pro-Brown on my top lashes. Add a dab of Burt’s Bees on my lips and brows and I am done. Feeling fresh as a rose and it only took me five minutes.


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