Stonehenge and Salisbury Photo Diary

Dear Reader,

I am mad at myself for taking so long to post all these. I wish I had a better excuse than it-takes-so-long-to-go-through-them. All the same, we spend a day at Stonehenge and Salisbury. The stones were other-worldly. I am not sure I knew what I would feel upon meeting them, but I have to say the word that best fits the overall impression is unexpected.


     We had been driving for hours. I dozed off in the car and was woken after what seemed like minutes to Jake saying, “I see the Stones!” It was so out of place. I rubbed my eyes and looked harder at the obtrusive shapes standing defiantly against the otherwise unremarkable landscape. Everywhere was blue sky, white clouds, green grass, interrupted by the cloud-like sheep scattered all over the countryside. everything else made perfect sense but the Stones.

DSC00791Neolithic dwelling replicas. More sophisticated than I had imagined.

     We arrived at the visitors center where a friendly man with a northern accent greeted us, remarked on the rarity of our surname, and politely offered us a tri-fold map written in French (they were out of English). A short shuttle ride and a brief walk through a sheep pasture and we had arrived. Then they were just there. Smug. Ancient. Almost vulgar standing back-to-the-sun. Initially, I disliked them for their impertinence but eventually conceded to their superiority based on seniority. I suppose they have earned the right to live there. Who is Chelsea – a housewife from California, to have an opinion of the matter?


     I would love to go back. Book an early morning tour and sit beneath them. get to know them better, and consider their significance, but as far as firth impressions go, perhaps I am just intimidated. They deserve more respect from me.

DSC00838DSC00844DSC00854I think they believed we were there to see them.

     Salisbury was charming. Touristy. Clean. Engaging. We found a reasonable carpark, took some tea, wandered around the cathedral, museums, and historical homes. We saw the Magna Carta, many elaborate tombs, and ate too much fudge. All in all, it was a perfect day.

DSC00859DSC00864DSC00865DSC00870DSC00872DSC00874DSC00876DSC00877DSC00884DSC00893DSC00894DSC00902DSC00903DSC00904DSC00905DSC00906DSC00907DSC00908DSC00916DSC00919DSC00920DSC00921DSC00924DSC00925DSC00926World’s oldest operating clock.

DSC00927DSC00930DSC00931DSC00932DSC00934DSC00936DSC00944DSC00951DSC00967DSC00974DSC00975DSC00978DSC00984DSC00991DSC00994DSC01001DSC01004DSC01005DSC01007DSC01012DSC01022DSC01028DSC01032DSC01034DSC01037DSC01042Sense And Sensibility location: Mrs. Jennings ‘Chelsea’ home: Mompesson House.

DSC01044DSC01045DSC01054DSC01055DSC01056DSC01061DSC01067And to all a good night.



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