Bath in the Autumn (Photo Diary)

Dear Reader,

If you ever have the chance to go, please do. I loved this place far better than even London. It was full of history, romance, culture, and gelato. Everywhere we walked we saw the charming remnants of ancient stories. I hope you enjoy.

DSC01667“Oh! Who can be ever tired of Bath?”― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

DSC01592A footpath along the Avon lead up into the city.DSC01597DSC01604DSC01606DSC01607DSC01611DSC01619DSC01623DSC01628DSC01633DSC01637DSC01644DSC01645DSC01647Roman Baths Visitor’s Centre.

DSC01650DSC01661A view of Bath Abbey where Jane Austen would attend services.

DSC01664DSC01668DSC01672DSC01675DSC01676DSC01681DSC01683DSC01692DSC01694DSC01696DSC01706DSC01707Ye Olde Hot Tub, AKA Goddess Bath.

DSC01711Interior of Bath Abbey.


DSC01717DSC01713Jane Austen Centre.

DSC01721DSC01724The Crescent.





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