Spa Night

Dear Reader,

Self-care was one of those things I never really prioritized until I desperately needed it. It wasn’t until after Wyatt was born that I really started to make the effort to take care of myself. I think that women by nature give so much. We are often so busy caring for others needs that we suppress our own. Additionally, we are always thinking about what needs to be done or improved upon. I know for myself I am just as concerned with my family’s emotional needs as I am with their physical needs. I do this habitually, and I will keep obsessing over them until I reach a point of mental and physical exhaustion . It’s a difficult pattern to break- but as I soon learned, if I did not break the cycle of giving to the point of depletion, than the cycle would eventually break me.


Ambiance is EVERYTHING.

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Good Gluten Free Bread(No Really)

I don’t know how many horrible gluten free bread recipes my husband had to suffer through before I found a good one but he certainly deserves compensation. Since I began my gluten free life change five years ago I have searched high and low for a rustic loaf of bread that tastes and feels like the traditional bread I used to know and love, and by Jove I think I’ve got it! I am pleased to introduce The Chelsea Loaf!


The most requested baked good that I make!

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Oatmeal Lace Cookies and Fika

Dear Reader,

During our visit to Sweden last Summer we were introduced to the custom of Fika. What is Fika? You might ask. Well, I shall tell you. Fika is coffee with company and conversation. It is not grabbing a to-go cup of chain-espresso on your way to doing something very important in your very busy life. Fika is an opportunity to slow down, take in the atmosphere with someone you care to spend time with, preferably with something scrummy to munch on the side. It is about intimacy and intentionality. Not to mention it goes perfectly with the whole Hygge craze.


Hygge worthy Fika.

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Meet the Allreds


Dear Reader,

What do I want to tell you about my family? What is it that I really want you to know about us? In this day and age getting to know someone – truly know them, is no easy task. Especially through social media, the opportunity to become acquainted with someone’s authentic, flawed self is near to impossible. Just like in these photographs, we spend time obsessing about image. I went shopping for matching outfits the weekend before. I wore more makeup than Kim Kardashian did at the Met Gala. I brought lollipops to keep the kids happy, (which thanks to our amazing photographer were photo-shopped out) just to give the impression that they were calm and happy for the entire hour and a half that we stood in the sun and posed.

These are beautiful photos. I will always enjoy them, but not just because of the aesthetic, but because of the memories I have from that day. But this not us…

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