Green Choices

Green choices about the environment.

Dear Reader,

Parenting has been an inspiring and creative challenge. Raising two children has grown me in many regards. In our family we often talk about our ability to make choices in life, and how those choices not only affect us but everyone around us. We break them down into two categories: green choices which are wise or kind, and red choices which are unwise or unkind. So often in the middle of teaching my children a new concept I realize how much these lessons still apply to me.

Ditch the plastic in exchange for glass, wood, metal, and natural cloth. Not only is it more affordable in the long run, but it will add beauty to your home.

We are often encouraged through the media and through culture to make better and wiser choices regarding the environment, and as much as we should make these green choices simply because it is good for the Earth, I believe it is also good for the soul.

Psalm 24:1 “A Psalm of David. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.”

The Bible says that the Earth does not belong to us but that it is the Lord’s. We also know that in Genesis God gave us dominion over His creation. If we want to respect and honor God then we have to respect an honor that which He has made and called good.

Recently when I have shopped, I have become more aware of my tendency to purchase items because they are convenient, or indulgent. This is such an easy thing for me to do because it does not require any thought, discipline, or reflection. I simply see something I want and toss it in the basket. But taking a moment to ask myself is this a green choice? has kept me in check.

Realizing that the Earth is not my own has burdened me with a sense of responsibility. Not only is the Earth the Creator’s, but I share it with everyone else.

Handkerchiefs are an easy way to cut back on paper waste.

There is a certain beauty in things that are meant to be kept. They call us to care for them as objects of practiced and repeated tending. When we throw away we learn nothing but the habit of wastefulness, and lose out on the unique beauty that can only be observe through responsibility.

So why is it so easy to throw away our money? I for one think its because we possess a destructive nature. We are careless more often than careful, and quick to make excuses to avoid additional effort.

The good news is once we recognize this tendency, it is easily remedied. All it takes is practice. It’s never too late to start making greener choices for us, for others, and for God’s green Earth.



Count Your Blessings

Dear Reader,

For years I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety, and that horrific hormonal funk caused me to pick up some nasty mental habits that have taken an equal number of years to begin to break. We humans seem to create habits much more easily than we can break them. Recent studies have shown that it usually takes a life changing event to occur for us to more easily introduce new habits into our lifestyles. So what do I do when I find myself in a mind funk that I can’t seem to break? Something life changing. I count my blessings.


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